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MANDEM is a conglomerate three-bodied artist identity fronted by Maize Arendsee (MFA, Studio Art) with co-artists/studio-assistants Kitsuko and Moco Steinman-Arendsee. We are actively working on writing a new bio. In the meantime, please enjoy this one:

MANDEM is a media-fluid artist conglomerate. Their work on disability poetics, the visceral body, gender, and childhood is in critical dialogue with art history, religious iconography/mythology, and various -punk aesthetics. Their graduate work as at Florida State University, where they were the recipient of the Florence Teaching Award Fellowship. They recently received an Ohio Arts Council (OAC) Individual Artist Grant for their work on the Hypermobility series. In addition to showing in many museum and gallery shows, MANDEM is the art editor for Deaf Poet Society and their work has appeared in numerous journals, including Rogue Agent, Menacing Hedge, and Cahoodaloodaling. MANDEM lives in a centenarian house in urban Cleveland, surrounded by the empty lots where Little Hungary used to be.

» Studio Art, MFA
» Interdisciplinary Humanities, MA
» Interdisciplinary Humanities and Classical Civilizations, BA

See MANDEM's C.V. to learn more.


MANDEM (MFA, Studio Art) - Painting, Assemblage/Collage, Film, Sculpture, Book-Making. With an academic background in mythology, critical theory, and gender/queer studies, MANDEM works across media and materials, intentionally destabilizing genre in terms of content and media. MANDEM's work has been widely exhibited and published. As Maize Arendsee, MANDEM can be found teaching university-level art classes and presenting original art historical research at academic conferences.